Minimize Taxes Fresno Real Estate CPA

Don’t part with more cash taxes to the IRS than you need to, especially if you’re in Fresno, CA. Real estate investors should collaborate with an astute Real Estate CPA who can optimize tax approaches, curtail cash tax expenditures, and devise future tax plans tailored to your individual income situation. This professional should be updated on the newest tax law changes to boost your after-tax revenue and cut your cash tax for both the current and future tax years.

Looking to hire a Real Estate CPA? Look for one experienced in:

Strategic Tax Solutions for Real Estate Sales

  • Calculate future tax consequences and strategize to alleviate them.
  • Propose tax deferral mechanisms such as 1031 and Qualified Opportunity Zones (OZ).
  • Engineer a tax-optimized exit for your real estate investment.

Now more than ever with the news below.

Discern Your Taxable Activities in Real Estate

Different Tax Constructs in Real Estate Investments

If these critical tax strategies have never been a topic of conversation with your current CPA or tax accountant, it’s a sign that they may not be experts in the field of real estate taxation.

Again, do not overpay income taxes. Find an experienced Real Estate CPA that can help you minimize cash taxes.

My firm, JG CPA & Advisory, where we specialize in real estate taxes is currently accepting new clients for tax year 2023. If you would be interested in consultation or our services, complete the webform here. Or our short form on our website. We will contact you and set-up a meeting with you shortly after submission.