ATC is your go-to resource for maximizing after-tax income. We simplify complex tax and financial rules through expertly written articles tailored to various audiences, from business owners and investors to start-ups and individuals. Providing clear, informative, and actionable insights to help you understand how tax and financial rules apply to your situation. The goal? To provide valuable and useful information that could help you minimize your tax burden and maximize your cash flow.

Meet Johan Garcia:

I’m Johan Garcia, the individual behind ATC, a Florida licensed CPA, with over a decade of robust experience in tax advisory, tax compliance, financial advisory, and business consulting. My specialization encompasses strategies and planning for businesses, individuals, and families across diverse industries such as:

Private Business, Start-ups, Technology, Real Estate, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Healthcare, Financial Services, Professional Services, Transportation, Construction, Manufacturing, Distributions, Retail, International Business, and more.

What I Offer:

Having witnessed the confusion and challenges many face due to misinformation and inadequate strategic planning, I established ATC. My expertise extends to:

  • Tax Strategizing & Planning
  • Financial Accounting & Fractional CFO Services
  • M&A (buy-side/sell-side) Analysis
  • Business Consulting
  • And Transactional Advisory

ATC is designed to demystify tax and financial strategies, empowering you to plan for a financially secure future. The articles posted in this site will include the areas mentioned above.


Connect and Stay Informed:

Have questions or need further insights on any taxation or financial-related topics discussed in our articles? Don’t hesitate to contact me through the Contact page of the site.

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