Minimize Taxes Lexington Real Estate CPA

Don’t remit excessive cash taxes to the IRS, especially if you’re a Lexington, KY resident. Real estate investors should consult an expert Real Estate CPA skilled in honing tax strategies, diminishing cash tax liabilities, and planning for future tax years based on your unique income setup. This professional should be abreast of the latest legislative changes in tax law to amplify your after-tax income and reduce your cash tax for both the current and subsequent tax years.

Looking to hire a Real Estate CPA? Look for one experienced in:

Identify Your Real Estate Tax Liabilities

Now more than ever with the news below.

Distinct Tax Arrangements in Real Estate Speculation

Strategies for Tax-Efficient Real Estate Sales

  • Forecast potential tax liabilities and devise plans to reduce them.
  • Recommend tax-deferral methods such as 1031 exchanges and Qualified Opportunity Funds (OZ).
  • Guide you through a tax-advantageous exit strategy for your real estate investment.

If your current tax accountant or CPA has failed to bring up these significant tax strategies, it’s a red flag that they may not have the expertise in real estate tax needed to optimize your tax situation.

Again, do not overpay income taxes. Find an experienced Real Estate CPA that can help you minimize cash taxes.

My firm, JG CPA & Advisory, where we specialize in real estate taxes is currently accepting new clients for tax year 2023. If you would be interested in consultation or our services, complete the webform here. Or our short form on our website. We will contact you and set-up a meeting with you shortly after submission.